Guide to Donate Your Car for Kids & Help Fight Cancer

One in three people will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. If you have old and used car, you can consider donate your car for kids. Most charities accept truck, SUV, motorcycle, RV, or boat with a trailer. One of the trusted programs is the American Cancer Society. Your car donation will help save lives which will be lost to disease by funding cancer research, education, advocacy, and free, life-saving patient care programs.

How to Donate Your Car for Kids?

  • Complete the shape

Complete the online car donation form or call 1-888-227-5500. We just need some basic info about you, your vehicle and where your vehicle must be picked up. If you’ve got questions on vehicle donation, please visit our FAQ.

  • Arrange free devour time

Your vehicle are often scheduled for collection within 24-48 hours of your possession being received by our vehicle donation processing canter.

  • The Charity Tow Your Car

After some weeks, you’ll receive a receipt for the tax write-off you would like to file taxes.

Why You Should Donate Your Car for Kids?

  • Donate Your Charity Vehicle you’ll provide up to 24 rides travel to cancer patients, to and from treatment
  • Support 24 calls for expert and comprehensive cancer information
  • Provide free accommodation for 12 nights at Hope Lodge facilities, for patients who need treatment
  • Support personalized information kit up to 40 newly diagnosed cancer patients
  • Guide for up to 12 women through the emotional, physical and financial challenges of carcinoma, by partnering with trained carcinoma survivor volunteers
  • Change program effort fund in underserved communities. These programs help eliminate health disparities.
  • The impact of donations is predicated on the typical value of car donations

Donate Your Car for Kids to Charity is Free and Straightforward

To you, it’s going to be just a bump of garbage. Here, your charity car donation can bring hope to cancer patients. That’s why we exerting to maximize the proceeds from each car donation. Mostly, the charities accept running and non-running vehicles with transferable titles.

Not only is that the process free and straightforward, but your charitable vehicle donation may qualify for a tax write-off. You can consult your tax advisor for individual details. For extra information, you can check the following Donate Your Car for Kids FAQ about donating cars to charity.

What can You Donate?

The charity gladly accept almost any car donation. The charity accept donations of:

  • Trucks
  • Snowmobiles
  • Trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Recreational vehicles

What Proportion Money from the Sale of Vehicle is returned to the American Cancer Society?

Donate Your Car for Kids to charity are often a confusing decision. Many charity car donation programs promise to assist charities but are travel by third-party processors who return little or no to the charity.

Our partners in Advanced Remarketing Services return a better percentage than the other vehicle processing entity. Inspect our car donation tips for more info on the way to get the foremost out of your charity car or other vehicle donation.

What Documents Needed to Donate Your Car for Kids to Charity?

Our Car Donation Wizard will tell you what’s required in your state. Most states require that you simply have clear ownership rights to the vehicle. Some states also require a notary signature to finish donations. If you cannot find or have lost your title certificate, we will facilitate your find the proper documentation.

How to Receive A Tax Write-Off Once You Donate Your Car for Kids?

Visit the Tax Benefits of Your Charitable Vehicle Donation page for information on tax deductions.

Who is Advanced Remarketing Services, Inc.?

They handle ownership transfer, towing, and reporting of all vehicle donations, and are The American Cancer Society’s official national agency that processes all of our vehicle donations. Vehicle donations are often made online via the donation wizard or by calling 1-888-227-5500.

What happens to cars donated to cars for children?

Most of the donated cars are recycled. Donating a non-running vehicle still allows you to require advantage of the tax write-off and therefore the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle go on to helping the Kars4Kids charity program.

Is Donate Your Car for Kids Worth It?

Donating your car to charity may result in significant tax savings if you include it in your charitable contribution deduction. Discounts for cars sold by charity are limited to the sale price. Altogether other cases, you’ll use the fair market price of the car.

Is It Better to Throw the Car Away or Donate It?

The answer depends on the quantity of effort you would like to place in. Car donation brings many benefits, not just for yourself but also for others less fortunate. But if you’re hoping to distribute some cash, selling a second hand car is your best bet, as long because the tow bills don’t fret your profit margins.

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